Sisal carpet

It is a new type of carpet, made of natural sisal fiber, and it is a kind of environmentally friendly household product. Sisal carpet is corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, non-static, and resistant to pressure. It can absorb or release water to adjust air humidity with environmental changes. It conforms to people's pursuit of nature.

Wool carpet

Soft touch, high tensile force, good elasticity, thick texture, good antistatic performance, good moisture retention, not easy to age and fade. it is the suitable choice for luxury home.

Jute carpet

It is woven from Bengal jute yarn, which maintains the natural and original style of jute, and has the functions of sound insulation and antistatic. Excellent weaving presents its outstanding latitude and longitude lines weave effect, which is superior in color and texture.

Seagrass carpet

It is woven from selected Vietnamese seagrass, with a fresh and natural fragrance of herbs, which can provide Zen vibe to the room.